Guilherme Potje

Ph.D. Candidate at VeRLab - UFMG

As a science lover, I'm curious and always looking forward to improve and innovate. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory (VeRLab) in the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). My main research topic is Computer Vision (more specifically, visual matching of deformable surfaces and local image descriptors). I am also interested in related fields such as Deep Learning and more generally, Artificial Intelligence. I obtained my M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University Federal of Minas Gerais, where I worked on image-based 3D reconstruction (image retrieval, registration & structure-from-motion).

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My Expertise

Computer Vision

Classical Computer Vision, Local Descriptors, Image Retrieval & Matching & Registration

3D Vision

Structure-from-motion, Multi-view Stereo, RGB-D data, Computer Graphics & Simulation

Deep Learning

Convolutional Neural Nets, Graph Neural Nets, Spatial Transformers, Learned Image Descriptors

Projects I have participated

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Deformation-aware Descriptors

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On the improvement of 3D model estimation from images

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Cooperative 3D Magnetometric Mapping

Video Presentation

My Profile

Name Guilherme Potje

Location Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Email guipotje@dcc.ufmg.br

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Technical Skills

C, C++, Python, C#, Java

OpenCV, NumPy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, SciPy, Scikit-Learn

Unity3D, OpenGL

Scientific Publications

Azpúrua, H., Rezende, A., Potje, G., da Cruz Júnior, G. P., Fernandes, R., Miranda, V., ... & Freitas, G. M. Towards Semi-autonomous Robotic Inspection and Mapping in Confined Spaces with the EspeleoRobô. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems.
Nascimento, E. R., Potje, G., Martins, R., Cadar, F., Campos, M. F., & Bajcsy, R. GEOBIT: A Geodesic-Based Binary Descriptor Invariant to Non-Rigid Deformations for RGB-D Images. International Conference on Computer Vision.
Azpúrua, H., Potje, G. A., Rezeck, P. A., Freitas, G. M., Uzeda Garcia, L. G., Nascimento, E. R., ... & Campos, M. F. Cooperative Digital Magnetic-elevation Maps by Small Autonomous Aerial Robots. Journal of Field Robotics.
Potje, G., Resende, G., Campos, M. & Nascimento, E. R. Towards an Efficient 3D Model Estimation Methodology for Aerial and Ground Images. Machine Vision and Applications.
Macharet, D. G., Perez-Imaz, H. I., Rezeck, P. A., Potje, G. A., Benyosef, L. C., Wiermann, A., ... & Campos, M. F. Autonomous Aeromagnetic Surveys using a Fluxgate Magnetometer. Sensors.

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